Dr. Michael Caruso, Chiropractor - Belmar, NJ - Read on to learn our special philosophy that holds us at the cutting edge of the chiropractic profession.

Most of the world is already aware that Chiropractic has proven to be an extremely successful modality for helping folks manage headaches and different types of back and neck pain associated with musculo-skeletal injuries and stress. This has been proven over and over for more than 100 years. Chiropractic also has been the very popular subject of a great deal of medical research. The profession has done wonders over the years in helping athletes with sports injuries, decreasing missed time at work due to injury, keeping people out of hospitals, lowering medical costs, and helping  people to stay away from dangerous highly addictive opiates that a real problem in today's society.

In taking the chiropractic road further, thousands of people have seen that chiropractic fitness has helped them to excel in many aspects of their life.


In your body, the nerve system has the job of ultimately determining the level of success of every aspect of your life. The nerve system does this by communicating with, coordinating, and controlling every part of your body. Billions of cells in your body all have a nerve supply. On a daily basis, your body is bombarded with stress (physically, chemically, and mentally). This combination of stress eventually causes tiny misalignments of the spinal bones called subluxations, which usually go undetected by the body’s senses. Subluxations interfere with the nerve system’s job of effectively running the body. When the nerve system has a subluxation compromising it, the body’s ability to work properly and express its full genetic potential is less than what it should be. 

Our sole objective is to help the body remove these subluxations through a gentle procedure called an adjustment. This allows every part of the body to be better coordinated by the nerve system. In other words, the body will perform better on every level when maintaining an uncompromised nerve system. This can result less stress, more energy, clearer thinking and concentration, more sleep, greater value from exercise, better balanced body chemistry, improved relationships, increased income earning capacity, and more. All this is a result of this simple concept: You will do much better in life if your body is better fit and performing better.


The essentials for survival are food, water, oxygen, and a nerve impulse. If any of these were to stop, you would die. If any of these were to be interfered with, life would be far less than optimal. We think that anyone who has a spine and a pulse will benefit from chiropractic care in some way. Our office sees a broad base of people. We see healthy folks, sick folks, newborn folks, elderly folks, and everyone else in between.


To provide an office where every member of the community can receive affordable chiropractic care that focuses solely on correcting vertebral subluxations.

To remove as many barriers as possible so that any person, no matter what their age or physical condition can receive chiropractic spinal checks.

To provide information about chiropractic so the community can learn all its benefits and how it relates to a lifetime of reaching maximum potential in all areas of life.

Chiropractic Care Improves Performance On Every Level.