Survival Values

Every human being is better off with a good nerve supply. This means either no nerve interference from subluxations or as little as possible.

Let’s say, for example, that an individual is free of nerve interference for only ten minutes after an adjustment. Suddenly his or her body has come under some major stress shortly after leaving the office.  What has happened to the body during that ten minute period when no nerve interference existed? Chemicals in perfect quality and quantity were being produced by the brain and sent to the proper target organs at the proper times. Days, perhaps months of damage may have been repaired. We already know through research and first hand experience that the human body has an amazing ability to adapt very efficiently. We simply have no idea what future benefits may occur; especially since 85% of what’s going on in our body is not felt by our senses. What positive survival values may be obtained as a result of the minutes, hours, days, or weeks that a person spends nerve interference free?

The one thing that greatly motivates me to be a chiropractor is grasping the concept that every person who walks out of my office will be better off than when they came in. They will all be better off with a better nerve supply, even if it’s only for 10 minutes and even if they don’t feel any different when leaving the office.

Subluxations occur frequently and universally due to constant physical, mental, and emotional stress that the body is constantly under. Gravity alone will make the weight of the body a major stress on the spine, affecting alignment and nerve system function. Nerve interference due to subluxation has devastating short term and long term effects that can be extremely far reaching later on in life. This is the one and only reason why I choose to only adjust subluxations in my practice. Use of any other therapeutic treatment modalities for any other reasons would just seem so trivial compared to what’s really at stake. 

Thank you to Dr. Joe Strauss for this idea which has been taken from one of his text books.


Everyone on this earth will benefit from chiropractic services. They just don't know it because they've either never been told, or they've been confused at some point.  This is all based on laws of nature that work all the time every time. The best way to remember is to always keep things as simple as possible. Just think of the letter “N”

1. Chiropractic deals with HUMAN PERFORMANCE.
2. Every level of performance is controlled by body chemistry.
3. Chemistry is controlled by organs whose job it is to make chemicals.
4. All the organs are controlled by the nerve system.
5. The nerve system is protected by the bones of the spine.


1. A subluxation is a bone over which the body has lost control.
2. The position of the bone irritates the nerve.
3. Irritated nerves disrupt organ function often without pain.
4. Improper organ function disrupts body chemistry.
5. Disrupted body chemistry decreases performance levels.


1. A chiropractic adjustment restores proper bone position.
2. Proper position of the bone removes nerve interference.
3. Restored nerve control allows for normal organ function.
4. Proper organ function balances body chemistry.
5. Proper / balanced body chemistry increases Human Performance.

Your body will work better internally.

How Far can You Go?

We all know that adjustments (correction of nerve interference) have a positive influence on the pain receptors located within the central nervous system. We also know that a better functioning nerve system will promote a better potential for healing and overall general health. That's great. But let's look at the far reaching affects of your nerve system when it is working at its highest efficiency. Let me point out one thing first. You can't feel nerve interference most of the time, just like you can't feel high cholesterol, infertility, gall stones, and many other things that may be going on in the body. The only way you'll ever know is if you get checked by a chiropractor. 

Some of the latest cutting edge research has suggested that chiropractic adjustments may improve brain function. When the nerve pressure is relieved (through an adjustment), some studies have concluded that there is an increase in oxygen and cerebral blood flow. Other authors have reported an association between chiropractic adjustments and improved mental function. It has been also proposed in other studies that adjustments lead to increased brain activity.

What does all this mean in real life practicality? How does clear thinking and the ability to make quick accurate decisions affect the performance of a police officer, fireman, pilot, or ER doctor every day on the job? How would having more oxygen to the brain affect your children's learning and test taking capability in school?  How would this help you every day when confronted with making decisions and judgements, which will eventually affect your income somewhere down the line? How often do you use your brain on a daily basis?

Did you know that a person’s incomes depend solely on the function of their nerve system? A waitress makes all her money on how many tables she can turn over. How much more money could she make on a busy Saturday night if her body performed better both mentally and physically. Million dollar deals are made every day on Wall Street that require sharp, meticulous thinking. How much more money could be made if brokers were just a bit sharper. How much further could you go???? Have your spine checked and adjusted for a better, more productive life!

Chiropractic Hangups

Chiropractic Hangups

In the many years that I’ve been practicing, I’ve come across some real issues that many folks outside my practice have about receiving chiropractic care. Here are my thoughts on some common hang-ups.

I went once and I had a bad experience.  – Chiropractic is a very personal profession. You just need to find the chiropractor who has a technique and personality that make you comfortable. When we go to a bad lawyer, we usually find another. When we go to a bad MD, accountant, bank, barber, or anyone else, we usually find another. Don’t write off the whole profession from one bad experience. You’re loosing out on some great life giving, and possibly life changing benefits.

If I get adjusted, I’ll need to be adjusted. - In all my years of school(>10 higher education) and practical experience(>30), my understanding of the spine and central nervous system is that everyone on this earth needs to be adjusted. This holds true if you’ve never been adjusted, or if you’ve been adjusted many times. This holds true if you feel the need to be adjusted or you don’t feel the need. Let’s put the 100 years of philosophical reasoning and scientific research aside. Just the physical law of gravity alone as it relates to the increased weight baring stress on the spine is enough common sense to make me not want to walk around with my nerves compressed and my joints all stuck together. Why would any one want to walk around like this? I can talk for another ten pages on this subject, but I’ll just make this one point.

I just don’t have the time. – Everyone makes time for things that are important to them. It takes about three to five minutes to have your spine objectively checked and adjusted only where needed. I’ll say no more.

I went for a while and I didn’t feel a difference. – I guarantee you that even though you didn’t feel a difference with regards to your primary health concern, your body still benefited in other areas from the adjustments. Everyone functions better on all levels when no nerve interference is present. That’s a fact. Maybe you needed give it more time to feel the changes you were looking for. Maybe you needed to follow your schedule for care a little closer. A hard concept for folks to grasp is that we can’t always feel all the positive changes our bodies are going through. Did you feel all those vitamins you took this morning?? We also can’t feel all the negative changes(high cholesterol, infertility, cancer, etc). Our five senses don’t always tell us everything. That’s why it’s so important to have a good understanding of what your chiropractor is doing and why. The education process is so vitally important when one starts their care.

That cracking noise sounds like my bones breaking. It surely isn’t. That’s just the sound very tiny gas bubbles exploding on a microscopic level. It’s the natural sound that occurs when tension is released from the joints. It actually feels pretty good.

My children are too young to be adjusted. My kids were checked and adjusted within one hour after they were born. The birth process, even under the most favorable conditions, is the most traumatic thing our spines will go through during our entire lives. Developing a good structure at an early age sets the stage for your child’s best possible nerve function and expression of life. Since we already know that brain and nerves signals control everything, optimal nerve system function will yield the best chance for good health in the future. Bring your children in to have their spines checked.

If I go, I’ll have to go the rest of my life. This is a silly one. No one in this world has to do anything except pay taxes and die. At least that’s what my grandmother told me. You can come for one adjustment or a lifetime of adjustments. Your health and life expression will improve either way proportionate to whatever commitment you choose. Getting your spine checked is just a good habit that we chiropractors like to promote. If I owned a gym, I’d tell you to exercise more. If I was a nutritionist, I’d tell you to watch what you eat. Brushing your teeth, drinking bottled water, wearing good shoes, taking a bath, and having a good outlook on life are all good habits to practice. So is getting your spine checked.

I’m too old. The damage is already done. You would be amazed how much the body comes back. Let’s try to better things or at least keep them in check rather than letting your body keep spiraling downward for the rest of your life.

That’s only for old people. I’m in good shape. I don’t need to be adjusted. I don’t have a bad back. – This is the young adult. The I’m indestructible, I’m perfect ego, usually found in athletic males 15-40 years of age. Here’s my answer. Chiropractic has very little to do with bad backs. Here’s a law of nature that never changes under any circumstance: STRUCTURE CONTROLS FUNCTION. If you improve your structure, you improve your nerve function. If you improve your nerve function, you will improve all the things you do, because brain messages and nerve impulses control everything. This includes ability to make money, ability to excel in athletics, health and immune function, personal relationships, nutrient absorption, quality of life, and the list goes on. I know you’re good now, but how about being better! Look at this as fitness…not treatment.

What kind of education do chiropractors have? – Chiropractors complete four years undergraduate college and three and a third full years of chiropractic education. Not to compare apples to oranges, chiropractic students complete more hours of musculo-skletal anatomy, neurology, joint physiology, and radiology than medical students. On the other hand, a medical student’s specialty requires more pharmacology and diagnosis.

I have so many health problems. I see too many doctors already. Will this interfere with what the other doctors are doing?  It absolutely will not. Achieving better nerve function will always help the body work better under any circumstance. It will never hurt. Your chiropractor’s professional judgment may cause him to stay away from certain areas of the spine if he thinks that they may need to heal on their own for a while. Be aware that most other health professionals have very little or no understanding of chiropractic. They also have no education on subluxation analysis or correction. They may tell you not to seek chiropractic care according to their own guidelines, prejudices, or competition issues. Be a free thinker and make an educated decision on what’s right for you.

It just costs too much. – It really doesn’t. Most chiropractors are very sensitive to your financial needs. They will work with you the best they are able. Maybe folks need to cut back in other things that are counter productive to better living. Many people spend ~$50 a week on coffee and doughnuts. They’ll spend hundreds every week eating out. Who knows how much is spent on alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and other vices.

I just don’t believe in it. Chiropractic is based on common sense that follows laws of nature that we live by every day. If you took the time to look into it philosophically and scientifically, I’m sure you would have a better understanding. With better understanding comes belief.


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The Most Common Misconception

I usually perceive this big misconception in many folks. "If I have pain, I must be out of alignment. " "If I don't have pain, everything must be good." This is a MAJOR MISCONCEPTION. Here's the truth: ******Pain does not always = subluxation (mis-alinged spinal bone that is squeezing a spinal nerve causing nerve interference). Many things can cause a pain in the back. It could be anything from a strained muscle, to a bladder infection, to a uterine fibroid, to an aortic aneurysm. Any one of over a hundred other things may cause pain in the back.  Diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition is not within the scope of chiropractic. This falls under the practice of medicine. We can only address the structure of the spine as it relates to nerve system function. When nerve interference is corrected, the integrity of the nervous system is restored and innate potential is better expressed. This is our objective. Sometimes pain can be related to a subluxation, but many times can be related to something else.

*****No pain does not always = no subluxation. Everything is not always fine when there is no pain. Usually most subluxations detected are not pain causing. How reliable is using how you feel to determine if you are subluxated? If I was a driver who only reached my destination 10-15% of the time because I always ended up in an accident, would you take a chance and get in the car with me?  Would you take a chance on using something that has a 10-15% reliability to know if your nervous system has interference? The nervous system only has about 10-15% of its nerves that have the job of sensation. All the other nerves do things like make food taste better, make muscles stronger, balance chemistry in organs, digest and absorb nutrients, supply life to immune cells, and perform every other coordinated function that your body has to deal with on a moment to moment basis every day of your life. Those nerves will surely be affected by the subluxation, and no pain will be experienced. Why would you take a 85% chance of not knowing if any of those other nerves are possibly being interfered with? Why take a chance on having things on the inside not work as good as they should all the time? This is the reason why one's spine should be checked regularly even if there is no pain. 

The bottom line here is that the spine should be adjusted only where the chiropractor objectively locates a subluxation, not where it hurts. This will give the body its best potential for the best possible structure and balance, thus making the body healthier in the long run. If we treated an area just because there was pain, we would be practicing medicine, not chiropractic.

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Why Do Kids Need To Have Their Spine Checked?

Why do adults need to have their spines checked?  Kids need it for the same reason.  They need it because they’re just better off living with no interference to the innate mechanism that is transmitted along their nervous system. It’s as plain and simple as that.  Most children don’t have lower back pain, stiff necks, or headaches, but I can almost guarantee you that they have some type of nerve pressure due to tiny misalignments of the spinal bones. They share the same physical, emotional, and chemical stress that we adults do.


They say that the birth process is the single most traumatic and stressful thing that the spine will ever go through in a lifetime. There has been much research over the years on this subject illustrating what exactly happens as a result of this process. It’s also been said that a child will fall down over 3,000 times before the age of three. The potential for them to be at their best can surely be limited when their nerve system is interfered with even on a tiny minimal level. Subluxation(nerve interference or pressure) damage has cumulative negative effects on body chemistry. The longer a subluxation stays in the body, the less chance the body will have to correct it on its own. Thus, the more nonreversible damage can occur over time. Remember, unbalanced body chemistry can have an effect on any or all coordinated systems in the body.


We know that our nerve system controls every function that the body conducts on a moment to moment basis.  If all the messages from the brain stay unblocked and get to where they have to go on time, body chemistry will be better balanced. The body will work better internally. Better innate potential will exist if everything inside works better. Therefore, the body will perform better in the outside world. Thus a higher potential in life will be reached.


Removing interference from the nerve system will affect us all differently.  You may never know your children’s full potential for life if they are walking around even minimally subluxated. Getting checked and adjusted regularly is about keeping your brain fully connected to the cells of your body so that your full genetic potential for life can be expressed. This should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine -young and old, healthy and sick.


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