Survival Values

Every human being is better off with a good nerve supply. This means either no nerve interference from subluxations or as little as possible.

Let’s say, for example, that an individual is free of nerve interference for only ten minutes after an adjustment. Suddenly his or her body has come under some major stress shortly after leaving the office.  What has happened to the body during that ten minute period when no nerve interference existed? Chemicals in perfect quality and quantity were being produced by the brain and sent to the proper target organs at the proper times. Days, perhaps months of damage may have been repaired. We already know through research and first hand experience that the human body has an amazing ability to adapt very efficiently. We simply have no idea what future benefits may occur; especially since 85% of what’s going on in our body is not felt by our senses. What positive survival values may be obtained as a result of the minutes, hours, days, or weeks that a person spends nerve interference free?

The one thing that greatly motivates me to be a chiropractor is grasping the concept that every person who walks out of my office will be better off than when they came in. They will all be better off with a better nerve supply, even if it’s only for 10 minutes and even if they don’t feel any different when leaving the office.

Subluxations occur frequently and universally due to constant physical, mental, and emotional stress that the body is constantly under. Gravity alone will make the weight of the body a major stress on the spine, affecting alignment and nerve system function. Nerve interference due to subluxation has devastating short term and long term effects that can be extremely far reaching later on in life. This is the one and only reason why I choose to only adjust subluxations in my practice. Use of any other therapeutic treatment modalities for any other reasons would just seem so trivial compared to what’s really at stake. 

Thank you to Dr. Joe Strauss for this idea which has been taken from one of his text books.