Your Life Could Be So Much More!

So Much More

I think most people when you really get down to it, are looking for long term wellness and ways to keep fit so they can enjoy the longest and best quality of life possible. I see a lot of interest in yoga, specialized boutique gyms, and CrossFit training. When the average person thinks of chiropractic, they see it as just a medical therapy to treat back pain and stiff necks. Well, I’ve been in practice over thirty years and I’m here to say that it is so much more.

Most folks know that when spinal bones are not in the proper position due to constant everyday stress, nerves are compressed or choked off. But what does this really mean? When this occurs, your body is unable to adapt to its environment and 100% of life from the brain can’t occur.

Let’s take a fictional character named Joe. Let’s say that only 95% of life gets through to Joe’s heart(or any other tissue in the body) due to a vertebral subluxation early in life. He’s 40 now. His heart may beat a little faster or slower every now and then. It’s really not that noticeable and he feels great so he’s not worried. He doesn’t have back pain so he would never go to a chiropractor. Since he judges his health by how he feels, everything is great. Years go by, maybe five or ten. Now he only has about 70% life getting through to his heart. He doesn’t feel so hot. He gets palpitations and dizziness every now and then but he’s not worried because he only gets the symptoms every three month and they always go away real fast. He doesn’t really have time to get checked out because he works two jobs. He doesn’t want to lay out the money. He’d rather go out to dinner and drinking at the local club three times a week. He also doesn’t want to take any of his saving for that 70’’ flat screen.  And he just hates doctors. He still stays away from chiropractic because he still feels pretty good and his back feels great because now he’s exercising. More years go by and the same nerve pressure remains from the original spinal subluxation. Now maybe 40% life is getting through. Now tissues on the other side of the nerve are broken down and much life is lost. That’s when the doctor gets the call: “Help me!”  “I’m dying of pain”. “I have all these symptoms!” “My back hurts.” “I’m dizzy.” “I can’t sleep.” “I can’t work.” “My wife is divorcing me.” “My life has gone to hell!” “Fix me doc!!!” When I get that call I usually say, “Where were you last year?” “Where were you 20 years ago?” Then Joe usually says, “But I wasn’t in pain 20 years ago.” (Thanks Joe D for this great analogy)

Unfortunately that’s a story that is heard much too often in real life. Most are stuck in the mindset of treating the part and not the whole because of how we are all indoctrinated to think. With the human body, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. Everything is connected and all parts influence each other. What holds everything together is the intelligence that runs along the nervous system. The less pressure and interference on the nerve system, the greater the potential for life. And that is so much more.