Then and Now

Anxiety is something that is always on the minds of most folks. Everyone usually has some type of stress attached to them at all times. Back in the Stone Age, we either stayed and fought, or we ran away from the tiger that was chasing us causing our stress. Either way, the increased stress hormones only lasted a very short time. We then became back in a relaxed state once again. In modern times, we don’t have any large animals chasing us, but we do have a great deal of other stress always following us around. Because of the lifestyle we are all forced into, hormones such as cortisol are chronically raised and never get a chance to decrease. Because we are always dealing with work, family, finances, crowds, physical setbacks, etc., we never get a chance to truly rest. These chronically increased stress hormones will eventually lead to a depressed immune system, which can pave the way for any number of serious illnesses.

Through regular chiropractic care, we can’t change your lifestyle, but we can sure help your body deal with it better. When the integrity of the spine is restored, one has a nerve system working at peak potential with no interference. All body parts and coordinated functions will be at their best. This means that body chemistry is best balanced. Keeping your spine fully functional and free of vertebral subluxation(nerve interference) means keeping your nerve pathways open. This means things will work a whole lot better on the inside.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear chiropractic philosophy in everyday life. Remember that ad on TV that went something like this--  HOW WELL YOU RUN YOUR BUSINESS ON THE OUTSIDE DEPENDS ON HOW WELL IT IS RUN ON THE INSIDE. – What a concept!