How do We Know our Nerve Signals ar being Blocked?


This is a very good question that someone asked. I'd like to share this answer with anyone who will read this. 

Aside from all the scientific research that has been done on this subject, I'd really like to answer this in more of a common sense approach. Let's take the example the aorta. The aorta is the major blood vessel exiting the heart that will eventually supply blood to just about every part of the body. If someone were to tie a string as tight as possible around my aorta, I would die because I eventually wouldn't have any blood reaching my tissues. If the string was to be loosened to 1/4 of the original tightness, would it kill me? It most likely would not because most of the blood would get through to the tissues. Would it hurt? It probably wouldn’t. Is it a good thing to have???................. What do you think? If you put an elastic band tightly around your finger, would it make sense to walk around with it like that for 30 years? What would happen to your finger?

You see, the hole where the nerve exits the spine is only big enough for the nerve root and other smaller soft tissue structures to pass. If the spinal bone moves ever so slightly, the whole area will be impinged. Will it kill you? I don’t think so. Will it hurt? I don’t think so.  Is it a good thing to have?........ .....What do you think?....... Will all the messages get through like they should???????? .............

If all the messages did get through, would you be closer to your best? Would all your human abilities have a better potential for improvement? 

One law of nature says that when you change the structure of something (the spine), it will always affect how that something will function or perform. Another law of nature says that when there is a higher state of order (organization in the body), things will work more efficiently. These are natural laws that are provable just by observing the existence of life itself.

It shouldn't really take 1,000 different research studies to prove what common sense and nature tell us if we just think about it a little and listen to it.       Live subluxation free!!