How do we know when to be checked for Nerve Interference?

You should never use how you feel as a gage to know whether or not to come in and be checked for nerve interference. I've studied the nervous system for 3 1/2 years in chiropractic school and have read countless books and articles on the subject in the 30 plus years I've been in practice. The only way you'll ever know if your subluxated (interference to the nerve system) is if you come in to your chiropractor and get checked.

Let me explain briefly. About 85% of the nerve system supplies both your muscles and your organs. If any of those fibers are impinged upon or irritated at the level of the nerve root, you'll never feel it. However, the cells on the other end may never get the correct signal from the brain. That leaves about 15% nerves that deal with pain and other sensations. If any of these fibers are compressed, two things can happen. Pain sensation can be stimulated in which case you may surely feel it. Or, pain sensation can be actually turned off if the nerve has been compressed for any long length of time. In this case you won't feel it. So, that leaves the possibility of you feeling a subluxation about 7 1/2% of the time. 

Pain is not a reliable indicator of subluxation or nerve interference, so please don't judge things by how you feel. It doesn't tell the real story of what's going on inside. Your chiropractor may find a subluxation in your lower spine that may be giving you some pain, and he also may find a subluxation in your upper dorsal spine that isn't causing you any discomfort, but is possibly interfering with the nerve signals going to your heart or lungs. I'm sure he will address both. Which do you think he should address first? Which is more important? You see, how and where you are feeling pain at the moment really has nothing to do with what's being done in this office. It doesn’t help me with my analysis of your spine. My objective is to find nerve interference and help the body correct it, whether it hurts or not.

You should always consider having your family checked regularly. Their nerve system is their life force. It's responsible for all levels of success in every aspect of everyone’s life. Every cell in the body has its own nerve supply. Keep the full force of intelligence flowing at all times under all circumstances.