Is Pain Always a Bad Thing?

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Although it may not be a pleasant feeling, pain is a very important indicator that something is going wrong with the body. Even though it's not something that the chiropractor uses for analysis of the spine, it still should be put into perspective so that the person receiving care understands clearly what it is the chiropractor is trying to accomplish.

When a sensory nerve is irritated, something usually hurts. When it has been compressed for a long period of time, maybe it just doesn't work as well as it should. It may lose sensation and you won't be able to feel things the way you should. That may be one of a couple reasons why you can't feel a sub- luxation that has been there a long time. The subluxation(nerve pressure) may be cutting off the sensory nerve signals to and from the brain. Some- times when people are adjusted for the first time, they may feel some low grade discomfort. This is due to those sensory nerve pathways finally opening up and nerves working as they should. Things are changing. The body is adapting. Is this a bad thing? 

If one has a bladder infection, what do you think would happen if the sensory nerves to that area were blocked off? If one has a malignant tumor growing in an area where sensory nerves are blocked off, what would happen? That's right. That person probably wouldn't know bad things are going on inside their body. As the nervous system starts to work better, one may be more aware of what's going on. The signals may be more efficient. I’ve personally experienced people over the years that have had their symptoms gradually or extremely worsen as a result of getting their spines adjusted. They were soon diagnosed with some type cancer in a part of their body distal to the spine. Some were lucky enough to survive and are living today because the bad situation was caught early enough. I truly believe chiropractic saved their life because their pain got worse and caused both of us to investigate further. Is this pain a bad thing? Wouldn't you want to know if something wasn't right on the inside so that you can take care of it as soon as possible? Wouldn’t it make sense to make sure all the nerves are working properly and all the signals getting through?  In chiropractic, we're not trying to get rid of your pain. Our goal is to promote proper nerve system function so you get the symptoms you are supposed to, and you don't get the symptoms that you are not supposed to. This is just one more reason to live without nerve pressure. This is just one more reason to send your family members and loved ones in to have their spines checked.