Why Do Kids Need To Have Their Spine Checked?

Why do adults need to have their spines checked?  Kids need it for the same reason.  They need it because they’re just better off living with no interference to the innate mechanism that is transmitted along their nervous system. It’s as plain and simple as that.  Most children don’t have lower back pain, stiff necks, or headaches, but I can almost guarantee you that they have some type of nerve pressure due to tiny misalignments of the spinal bones. They share the same physical, emotional, and chemical stress that we adults do.


They say that the birth process is the single most traumatic and stressful thing that the spine will ever go through in a lifetime. There has been much research over the years on this subject illustrating what exactly happens as a result of this process. It’s also been said that a child will fall down over 3,000 times before the age of three. The potential for them to be at their best can surely be limited when their nerve system is interfered with even on a tiny minimal level. Subluxation(nerve interference or pressure) damage has cumulative negative effects on body chemistry. The longer a subluxation stays in the body, the less chance the body will have to correct it on its own. Thus, the more nonreversible damage can occur over time. Remember, unbalanced body chemistry can have an effect on any or all coordinated systems in the body.


We know that our nerve system controls every function that the body conducts on a moment to moment basis.  If all the messages from the brain stay unblocked and get to where they have to go on time, body chemistry will be better balanced. The body will work better internally. Better innate potential will exist if everything inside works better. Therefore, the body will perform better in the outside world. Thus a higher potential in life will be reached.


Removing interference from the nerve system will affect us all differently.  You may never know your children’s full potential for life if they are walking around even minimally subluxated. Getting checked and adjusted regularly is about keeping your brain fully connected to the cells of your body so that your full genetic potential for life can be expressed. This should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine -young and old, healthy and sick.


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