How Far can You Go?

We all know that adjustments (correction of nerve interference) have a positive influence on the pain receptors located within the central nervous system. We also know that a better functioning nerve system will promote a better potential for healing and overall general health. That's great. But let's look at the far reaching affects of your nerve system when it is working at its highest efficiency. Let me point out one thing first. You can't feel nerve interference most of the time, just like you can't feel high cholesterol, infertility, gall stones, and many other things that may be going on in the body. The only way you'll ever know is if you get checked by a chiropractor. 

Some of the latest cutting edge research has suggested that chiropractic adjustments may improve brain function. When the nerve pressure is relieved (through an adjustment), some studies have concluded that there is an increase in oxygen and cerebral blood flow. Other authors have reported an association between chiropractic adjustments and improved mental function. It has been also proposed in other studies that adjustments lead to increased brain activity.

What does all this mean in real life practicality? How does clear thinking and the ability to make quick accurate decisions affect the performance of a police officer, fireman, pilot, or ER doctor every day on the job? How would having more oxygen to the brain affect your children's learning and test taking capability in school?  How would this help you every day when confronted with making decisions and judgements, which will eventually affect your income somewhere down the line? How often do you use your brain on a daily basis?

Did you know that a person’s incomes depend solely on the function of their nerve system? A waitress makes all her money on how many tables she can turn over. How much more money could she make on a busy Saturday night if her body performed better both mentally and physically. Million dollar deals are made every day on Wall Street that require sharp, meticulous thinking. How much more money could be made if brokers were just a bit sharper. How much further could you go???? Have your spine checked and adjusted for a better, more productive life!